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Assignment VS Hibernasi

Lately, my lecturers gave me assignment. The first assignment is about make a programme of calculate welded branch connection. i was happy because long time I didn’t touch Visual Basic. It’s a programme for making basic programme. it had been 5 month since we learned visual basic. So my friends came to my boarding house to do that assignment. Just 10 people. we had to send by email. We did it quickly. Wrong and wrong, but finally we had finished it. Alhamdulillah..Image

My friends were here until 11.30 pm. Yup PM!!

Actually I wasn’t disturbed, but I needed hibernasi, you know. Last night I spent the night for watching movies, and in the afternoon my friends came so i couldn’t sleep at all. and they went home, so I went to sleep but my stomach wake me up.. So I’m still sleepy until now.

But I have another assignment. maybe I’ll do it quickly tonight. So i can do hibernasi tomorrow.. Yeaah!!!


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