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It is over now


exam_week_by_pinkystrawberricutie-d34imhm FinalExam_Logo

Who didn’t know about this thing?

Everyone has experienced it when school even in college.

Complicated. Hated and least expected. so scary.

I’ve just finished it. And I’m really disappointed about this exam.

First, no much prepared. Not just me, my friends of course. We had a lot of assignment about lab report. So we didn’t have much prepared to facing exam.

Second, We didn’t understand about what we are learning. there are so many subject, and no much time. It was like we were running from running dog.

Three, owh please.. I got homesick. My mind couldn’t think clearly. wkwkwk

No more reasons because It is over now. I’m free, We are free guys πŸ™‚


But, we have to prepared about remedial! But I hope It won’t happen and we can get the best best best of this exam.

be smart and stay cool πŸ™‚


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